Book of Beasties: For Parents and Teachers
The essential mental health resource subscription platform that offers parents and teachers access to evidence-based, award winning mental wellness games and national curriculum resources for Key Stage 2 and Early Key Stage 3

Enjoyed by thousands of people worldwide, Book of Beasties is a physical and digital educational resource developer that puts children’s mental health and wellness at the top of the learning agenda.

We project our message of wellbeing throughout the whole curriculum using fully trained teacher-developed lesson plans that take the children on a journey of playful, narrative driven learning, fun, creative activities and exciting stories.

Approved by teachers, endorsed by experts, created for you.
Book of Beasties: The Mental Wellness Card Game
The multi-award winning, psychologist endorsed and university accredited mental wellness card game that aspires to raise emotional literacy, teach resilience, empathy and encourages the open conversation about mental health and wellness.

An easy to learn card game for up to five or six players, in which they must help as many Beasties as possible. Each character represents a manifestation of anxiety, depression and corresponding features.

In order to help them players must use certain Items or Actions that translate or directly refer to wellness exercises, activities and topics of discussion including posture and exercise, healthy eating, deep breathing, yoga, origami, creative tasks and much more.
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The Beastie Guide and Lesson Plan
To accompany Book of Beasties: The Mental Wellness Card Game this guide has been developed in collaboration with teachers, SENCOs and psychologists offering a comprehensive walk through the whole resource from reasonings behind its creation, to set up and delivery of the game.

The tools and resources section delves deeper into the Beasties, Items, Yoga, Comforts and corresponding activities, which are fun, effective and require minimal materials to perform.

Book of Beasties is initially delivered via a seven week pre determined lesson plan consisting of introduction, five lessons and an assessment session.

All lessons, discussion topics, assessments and assets can be found in the guide, available with purchase of the game and the Wellness Super Hero tier.
Social Emotional Learning Resources
“Using playful learning on the curriculum to make education the adventure it deserves to be.”

In response to the COVID19 lockdown, we developed a series of social emotional learning kits that can be used as a complete SEL solution for schools or at home to extend the wellbeing benefits of Book of Beasties.

Join the ongoing Book of Beasties saga and embark on an epic adventure with Oscar, Abi and the Beasties around the world and through time, exploring endless mental wellness and social emotional worksheets, art projects, fact files, actvities and more.

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The Wellness Workshops
Our hour long CPD accredited workshops are delivered by a Mental Health First Aid Trained team member, who will visit you at your school to train any member of your team from teachers to SENCOs and all other support staff.

Attendees benefit from a full presentation, reviewing the game and guide in detail enabling those who will be delivering the resource with the pupils to get the most out of the wellness elements of Book of Beasties.

We will ensure the game will be used to the best of it's capabilities in encouraging open conversation about mental health, and show why we think this is one of the most important mental wellness resources for children and young people available today.

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