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The Book of Beasties: Wellness Workshops offer full training and insight into the award winning mental wellness intervention, delivered by the creators themselves. 

Learn how to play the game and deliver it to your students in all its glory, whilst enhancing the mental health, wellness and conversational elements of the resource. 

Discover where the idea came from and how it came to be, uncover what makes Book of Beasties such an effective tool when introducing mental wellness to a young audience and find out why Book of Beasties: The Mental Wellness Card Game is arguably one of the most important mental health resources available today. 

The workshops consist of discussion, presentation, interactive exercises, gameplay and Q&A.

Why should I attend a workshop?

The CPD accredited workshop is an introduction to what is rapidly being considered one of the most important mental health resources available to schools.

Teaching and support staff can discover the origins of Book of Beasties from the creators 

themselves, take an in depth look at the game, lesson planning and explore the activities to 

ensure you get the most out of the wellness elements of our multi-award winning intervention. 


What does it cost?

- £60 per attendee.

- £40 to add a copy of Book of Beasties (usually £50). 

- For every additional attendee booked onto the workshop from any individual

school, you will receive a free copy of the resource.


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