Book of Beasties: For Our Wellness Heroes
The essential mental wellbeing resource subscription platform that offers parents and teachers access to evidence-based, award winning mental wellness games and national curriculum resources for 7-12 year olds.

For teachers we provide access to physical evidence based, psychologist endorsed mental wellness resources, which are OFSTED compliant, and accessible for both the teacher and the pupils. Plus our regularly released digital learning and PSHE content covering the national curriculum, creative activities, mindfulness exercises and reading materials and much more.

All our resources are developed by fully trained teachers alongside the multi-award winning Book of Beasties creative team to make lives easier for the teachers and learning even more fun for the children.

For existing Book of Beasties: The Mental Wellness Card Game and Beastie Guide users, you can access the guide, lessons and assessments here. Alternatively this is all accessible with the Wellness Super Hero tier.
"I have been thoroughly impressed with Book of Beasties as it prepares children for positive mental health and wellbeing in a creative and child friendly approach.”
Sabina Sidhu, Inclusion Lead
Book of Beasties: The Mental Wellness Card Game
The multi-award winning, psychologist endorsed and university accredited mental wellness card game that aspires to raise emotional literacy, teach resilience, empathy and encourage the open conversation about mental health and wellness.

An easy to learn card game for up to five or six players, in which they must help as many Beasties as possible. Each character represents a manifestation of anxiety, depression and corresponding features.

In order to help them players must use certain Items or Actions that translate or directly refer to wellness exercises, activities and topics of discussion including posture and exercise, healthy eating, deep breathing, yoga, origami, creative tasks and more.
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