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What People Are Saying

"I really think Book of Beasties is a revolutionary approach and it will change how young people think about their mental health for the rest of their lives."

-Dr Tony Bates, Professor of Psychology
"Thank you to the entire team behind the Book of Beasties. I would recommend this programme for other schools"

-Sabina Sidhu - SENCO
"Book of Beasties is sorely needed for our children if they are to stand a chance of being emotionally functional, happy adults."

-Mae Harris, Year 3 Teacher
"I really hoped that the study would help to improve his ‘emotional intelligence’ and understanding of others. My husband and I were not prepared for the dramatic transformation we saw in our son."

-Parent, Year 6
"It was an awesome experience like the best card game EVER!!!!! The best parts were the activities such as boat racing and flying balloons"

-Krists - 11
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