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As well as being a great resource for teachers to use with their students, Book of Beasties also acts as an aid for parents to broach the subject of Mental Health and Wellness at home.

These conversations can be a tough cookie to crack, as parents we know, and would welcome anything that could possibly help make it easier. Book of Beasties provides a platform that not only does just that, but makes it fun.

Find out below how you could get your hands on a free copy.

"Our daughter said that the BoB session was about a beastie like herself… this is when she explained her concerns.
"She said that the things that matter the most are kindness, honesty, being nice to other people"
- Year 6 Parent
Parent Referral Program
Parents are heroes, everyone knows that! We want to show our admiration and support for those parents by offering a FREE COPY* of Book of Beasties: The Mental Wellness Card Game and the Beasties Guide. 
All you have to do is refer us to your child's school,
and once they have booked us in for a workshop
you get your money back.
*Terms apply - contact us for more information
*Terms and Conditions: A purchase must have been made prior to the referral for this offer to be valid. This deal only applies once a school has booked and purchased a workshop from Book of Beasties Ltd and identified the referring parent by confirming the parent's valid order number, which will then be fully refunded. Only one refund may be given per household. Only one referral per school. The game and guide available for this offer are the current versions and are subject to change. Book of Beasties Ltd has the right to decline access to this offer for whatever reason. Only the "Beginner's Bundle" is valid for this offer, separate purchases of "Book of Beasties: The Mental Wellness Card Game" and the "Beastie Guide" or any future versions or expansions to the game will not be eligible for a refund under this offer. "Book of Beasties" and surrounding assets and materials have been endorsed and deemed to be useful by a team of clinical psychologists and psychologists from the University of West London. Contact us: Copyright © 2019 Book of Beasties Ltd - All rights reserved. 

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