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25% off Book of Beasties & University Research Opportunity for Schools

Updated: Mar 23

Do you want the chance to get 25% off Book of Beasties: Beginner’s Bundle and take part in a University mental health research study? Then read on…

We are offering some lucky folks the opportunity of taking part in a UK-wide research study on the impact of Book of Beasties as a mental health intervention, as well as its ability to raise emotional literacy and the overall wellbeing of children.

The goodies don’t end there though, you could also get the chance to receive a huge 50% off of the Book of Beasties: Beginner’s Bundle from our website. #shockfaceemoji

Read on to find out how…

We recently teamed up with representatives of the Human and Social Sciences School at the University of West London (UWL) to conduct a small scale pilot study on the effectiveness of Book of Beasties: The Mental Wellness Card Game and accompanying lesson plan.

The study saw the comparison of two focus groups from St Mary’s School in Chiswick, West London. One who used Book of Beasties over a five week period and one group who did not.

In short it was a great success, and although we cannot yet reveal the study’s complete findings until It is published (watch this space), Dr Michelle Jayman who was one of the two researchers conducting the study, said on the British Education Research Association (BERA) website:

“Overall, BoB was perceived as ‘fun’ and ‘valuable’; its ‘playful-learning’ approach encouraged empathy and pro-social behaviours towards the beasties and between players.

“Greater emotional awareness and ability to regulate emotions was reported; children had adopted some of the calming exercises practised in the sessions in everyday situations (e.g. deep breathing before a test).”

And one parent stated that she and her husband were not prepared for the dramatic transformation they saw in their son.

What this study has done is given the green light for a wider, more comprehensive research project that will see the same process but within a much larger number of pupils and schools across the country.

“Overall, BoB was perceived as ‘fun’ and ‘valuable’; its ‘playful-learning’ approach encouraged empathy and pro-social behaviours towards the beasties and between players.

For this however, we need YOU! The fantastic schools that use or want to use Book of Beasties with their children. This will be a fantastic study that could go a long way to changing how we teach children about RSE or #PSHE subjects in school like #mentalhealth and #wellbeing.

If you are interested in taking part in this study then contact us on with your name, job title and school as well as why you want to be involved. There will be perks and benefits to being a subject school so do get in touch. BUT IF THAT WASN’T ENOUGH!

We are also offering 50% off of the Book of Beasties: Beginner's Bundle...

There is always something that is causing stress, concern or anxiety and currently it is the dreaded #Coronavirus. Aside from staying healthy, washing our hands regularly and being sensible with our overall hygiene there is little we can do about the worry that surrounds a pandemic.

Managing stress and anxiety is a significant part of those steps to bettering our overall health and being more equipped mentally to remain physically healthy. This is what Book of Beasties can help with.

So, if you would like to see what the excitement surrounding Book of Beasties is all about and how it can help improve not just our emotional literacy but our well-being that get in contact with us on or send us a message on our website to get your nicely washed hands on a 25% coupon code.


Book of Beasties is seeking schools to host our #CPD accredited #wellness workshops. We have had a number of sold out workshops running across the UK, and are now on the look out for more hosts.

Host schools benefit from free attendees, free copies of the resource plus 25% off of our web store for a WHOLE YEAR.

Contact us for more information.

Meet the researchers:

Michelle Jayman, Dr Researcher/Lecturer at University of West London.

Michelle Jayman is a lecturer in education studies at the University of West London. She is a convenor for BERA’s Mental Health, Wellbeing and Education special interest group, and a Champion for the British Psychological Society Education Section.

Her PhD research focussed on the impact of a socio-emotional intervention (Pyramid club) on wellbeing and school performance for vulnerable students in mainstream secondary education.

Michelle has presented her work extensively at conferences in Europe, and published her research in the UK and abroad. She is a passionate advocator of promoting and supporting good mental health and wellbeing for all in educational settings. Her research interests include risk and resilience, and programmes to enhance education and improve outcomes for learners. She has co-ordinated several projects focussed on supporting child and adolescent wellbeing and helping students reach their full potential. Her current research is focussed on Book of Beasties,...

Annita Ventouris, Dr University of West London

Dr Annita Ventouris is a lecturer at the School of Health and Social Sciences, University of West London.

Her research interests span from applications of psychology in educational settings, intergroup and peer relations to child and adolescent psychosocial development and wellbeing.

She is also conducting pedagogical research on factors affecting higher education students’ wellbeing. She is a chartered psychologist, an associate fellow of the British Psychological Society and a fellow of the Higher Education Academy.


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