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Book of Beasties to release free seasonal children’s mental health resources

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

Award winning developer of Book of Beasties: The Mental Wellness Card Game will release free wellness resources throughout the year to help schools comply with OFSTED’s 2019 framework.

Following #OFSTED’s new framework, which outlines a focus on PSHE education, mental health resource developer Book of Beasties have announced a plan to release free seasonal materials to help schools comply.

The resources will provide simple wellness exercises, advice, discussion topics and reading materials for the children and teachers to use and share amongst the school.

Book of Beasties is an award winning, psychologist endorsed mental wellness resource delivered via a card game and series of lessons. The early intervention aspires to raise emotional literacy, teach empathy, resilience and normalise the open conversation about #mentalhealth.

The creators behind the mental #wellness game recognised a gap in affordable materials for schools in the mental health category and decided to create something simple, accessible, affordable and most importantly effective.

The free content, that will be mailed out and posted on the Book of Beasties website throughout the year, is designed to compliment the initial game, guide and ongoing expansions as well as act as useful, standalone PSHE materials that aid schools in complying with the regulating body’s 2019 framework.

Phil Tottman, one of the developers of Book of Beasties, commented: “Following a successful pilot study run by the University of West London, plus effectively reaching hundreds of children across the UK our continued goal is to deliver a tool that not only helps the children but also the teachers and schools by complying with such frameworks, being budget friendly and offering access to useful, free material year round.”

Alongside these free releases and during the lead up to World Mental Health Day, the developer is offering 25% off of its #CPD Accredited “Wellness Workshops.” These provide in depth training delivered by a Mental Health First Aid trained team for all teaching and support staff, whilst furthering their continued professional development.

The offer is valid for all schools if they book for this term or next before 1st December.

For more information on the workshop offer, the free resources or Book of Beasties: The Mental Wellness Card Game send an email to or visit


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