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We’ve been asked why we’re giving away free copies of the game, here’s why…

We were really excited to receive the first shipment of games from our manufacturer, LongPack in Shanghai. Not only was this an exciting time for us on a creative level with the buzz of having our work produced in bulk, but we were also eager to reach out to as many schools as we could with our new founded surplus stock levels.

We discussed in great length our plan for the initial 200 copies of the game and played with the idea of competitions, conventions, introductory sales and just sending out copies to schools at random.

But when it came down to it, being a local, home grown team working on a heartfelt project (the initial concept of Book of Beasties being the byproduct of personal experience) we were keen on staying true to our personalised ethos.

Which is why we decided to take those 200 copies along with the accompanying guide and hand deliver them to schools local to us in West London. The purpose of what we have created is to help others, so before we start charging people for the chance to use it, we must ensure that it does just that, help. That is after all, our main priority.

It has been an absolute delight to hear from schools using Book of Beasties, how they are playing it, the activities they are doing and the conversations they are having. One school in particular holds a “Beastie Club” every. single. day and sees the older children play the game with the younger years, introducing and normalising the conversation about mental health and wellness on a whole new level.

Seeing it work to that extent fills our hearts with joy, and not just that, it tells us that we need to get it out there into schools and being used.

Someone asked us recently why we were giving away free copies, that is precisely why.

We have visited schools all around West London, introducing the ourselves to the teachers and some students. It has given us the opportunity to meet the front liners who will be delivering the lessons and get a grasp of the kinds of things they look for in an intervention such as this, and assuring them the only thing we expect in return at this stage is a theoretical thumbs up and data provided via the built in multiple-choice assessments in the guide.

These not only give us valuable insight into how Book of Beasties is working, but also gives us an idea of how effective an intervention delivered in the style of a card game (with all its corresponding assets) such as this is, as a mindfulness and wellness tool.

With this in mind, we are continuing to reach out to schools in and around West London, and even further. So if you or someone you know works in a schools and you want to get your hands on a copy of the game and guide, as well as receive a hands-on, one-to-one tutorial from the team (we’re a lovely bunch) then let us know by contacting us via the website.

In the meantime, have a wonderful Easter break and don’t eat too much chocolate… eat just enough.


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