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The Beastiest of Christmases

2018 is drawing to an end and what a year it has been. With #Christmas just around the corner we wanted to send out a message of thanks and love to everyone that has supported Book of Beasties. 

Looking back on when we got the first ever deck printed during the initial development stage, we had no idea then the kind of difference Book of Beasties would make to the young people that have used it so far. Nor were we aware that we’d meet such simply wonderful people along the way.

Although we have achieved endorsement from psychologists, making Book of Beasties one of the only wellness card games of its kind in the world, we haven’t even begun to hit our stride yet. 

We have our sights solidly set on our mission to normalise the conversation about mental health and wellness amongst not just the children that use it, but everyone that happens to come across our little game, all around the world. 

We faced our fair share of rejection when pitching this idea, and got shot down a number of times. But with the encouragement of those that shared our passion and ambition, and most importantly believed in us, were patient with us and guided us, we are now on a good path.

A lot of promises have been made with regards to innovations in and focus on mental health and the education as well as awareness that surrounds it. It is our wish that 2019 brings with it fruitions to these promises, that can and will better the lives of the one in four people in the UK (and those beyond) that have and will experience a mental health problem.

Book of Beasties: The #MentalWellness #CardGame is just a small part of the efforts going into this space, but the fact that we are one of a kind in mental wellness education for children isn’t a great thing.

So much more can and should be done, and it doesn’t take much. Just a pen and paper and a safe space to talk.

But tomorrow is another day, 2019 is another year and another chance to improve, grow and learn.

Christmas time is always a great chance to look back and reflect on the year gone by, just as it is an opportunity to look forward to a bright year ahead. 

And this is precisely what we have done...

So here are our highlights from 2018

- Psychologist Endorsement

Making Book of Beasties one of the only mental wellness card games to be approved by the pros in the world.

- Sunday Express Interview Phil and Tom were lucky enough to visit the Express offices to chat about their ambitions.

- Tabletop Gaming Live Our super successful soft-launch at Ally Pally has to make the list.

- Residency at Grange Primary These first proof of concept trials were heart warming and eye opening.

- Kickstarter Success Smashing our #Kickstarter target by more than £1k made us mega emosh!

- Featured alongside Sesame Street and the Beano I KNOW RIGHT!!! Read the interview here.

- Anna Williamson Ambassadorship

This wonderful #mentalhealth advocate joined us on the Beastie bandwagon.

- HSJ Awards 2018 We didn't win anything but we were recognised as an “Innovative way of having a conversation about mental health”.

- Harefield Children's Centre Hearing that children from Harefield use BoB EVERY. SINGLE. DAY made us smile the biggest of smiles.

This doesn’t even begin to touch on the many moments we have smiled, and the many people that have made us smile. Those are the people and the moments that make life so wonderful. We are thankful to be working on a project that is full of them.

So, what is in store next year? 

Whatever it takes to continue our work on inspiring conversation about mental health, and brightening futures wherever possible.

Christmas is a time of year when those who may experience mental health issues may be feeling it all the more. So take the time to listen, talk and let that person know you’re there and you love them. As we do you. ❤️😊

Merry Christmas (and a happy New Year) to you all.


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