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Twinkl, Twinkl little Beastie

Book of Beasties team to host even more livestreams via Twinkl Ireland, Scotland and Wales...

Following a successful Facebook livestream for education resource creators, Twinkl Northern Ireland, we have been invited to host three sequels for more regions around the Britain.

Twinkl, with its humble beginnings in Susie Seaton’s spare bedroom in Sheffield now operates globally with more than 4 million educators accessing their 500,000 plus resources.

The Twinkl Northern Ireland group kindly offered their platform our creators, Phil and Tom to explore the origins of Book of Beasties, the reasonings behind it, how it works and why it is such an important tool for schools. Even Phil’s son Arthur made a noisy appearance.

From the fruition of the idea, to the drive behind making mental health and wellness education more accessible for children and young people. The two creators delved deep into the world of the Beasties, the shortcomings of the current state of current mental health services and how Book of Beasties answers them.

We also collaborated on a giveaway during the livestream - but don’t worry if you missed your chance to get involved, Twinkl Northern Ireland will be doing another giveaway closer to Christmas. So be sure to join their Facebook group here, to watch us and get involved.

We had fantastic response, some great chat with those who watched and had so much fun that Twinkl invited us back for THREE MORE livestream events, one each for their Ireland, Scotland and Wales-based groups.

For these we will be venturing deeper into the Book of Beasties universe, talking more about our process during the development stages, the upcoming expansions plus the free resources we have planned to release throughout the year.

There will also be the chance to receive some extra goodies from us and from Twinkl so be sure to stay tuned and join us. (We'll let you know the dates when they are confirmed.)

To watch our most recent livestream on Twinkl Northern Ireland click here, to find out more about Twinkl Cares visit their website.

If you would like the Book of Beasties team to bring our CPD accredited Wellness Workshops to your schools you can book here or contact us for more information.


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