The Mental Wellness Cardgame
Pro Edition
Used by more than 700 schools, children's services and holiday camps to support over 120,000 children globally with their mental wellbeing.

An evidence-backed solution to add to a suite of services, curriculum or to provide additional support to children aged 7-12.

Accompanied by a user guide that makes it easy for any professional working with children to deliver the evidence backed materials, through simple lesson plans introducing discussion prompts, activities and handy assessment tools.

Incorporating game play, creative and physical activities, yoga and storytelling to raise emotional literacy, teach resilience, build empathy and encourage the open and positive conversation about mental wellbeing.

You can find out more about how people use The Mental Wellness Card Game: Pro Edition in our case studies here, or read more about the evidence behind this resource here.

Looking for the Home Edition? Click here!
The Mental Wellness Card Game & Guide
£ 40.00 
Book of Beasties: The Mental Wellness Card Game and digital Beastie Guide is a multi-award winning, evidence-based intervention for children and young people that uses playful PSHE learning to encourage the open conversation about mental health.
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