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Remote Wellness Kit
Remote Wellness Kit
Remote Learning Wellness Kit
Welcome to Book of Beasties Remote Wellness Kit, where we explore the wonderful wellness world of Book of Beasties.

Our Remote Wellness Kit has been designed by us and curated by teachers, psychologists, and experts in delivering web-based classes to provide our mental wellness solutions via any video conferencing or remote learning platform.
The Story So Far
The stories are an important part of Book of Beasties' Learning Kits as they introduce the characters, activities and topics of discussion. If you are joining us later on in the adventure why not go back to the beginning, there is so much to explore.
Our Latest PSHE Learning Kits
The Caveman One: Part 3

Oscar, Mimic and Akky find themselves millions of years in the past during the time of cavemen. but with no sign of their friends and seemingly no way home how will they cope in these unknown lands.

Each phase is released weekly and contains a story with related PSHE and Social Emotional Learning worksheets and activities.

The Summer One Part 3

IT'S SUMMER TIME! The summer after what has been a tough academic year is finally here. We have put together some quick, simple and fun worksheets that have the children plan some wellbeing themed activities that they can enjoy during the break. Baking healthy cookies, designing mood-shirts, creating and sharing kindness stones and photo-journaling.

Each phase is released weekly and contains a story with related PSHE worksheets and activities.

The Dinosaur One

Gemini sets out to find some inner peace, but instead discovers a lost world of dinosaurs hidden away deep beneath the ground. With Mimic close on his tail both Beasties discover how kindness and confidence can tame even the biggest of creatures.

Each phase is released weekly and contains a story with related PSHE worksheets and activities.

Free Resources Just For You
Creative Minds Projects
Being creative helps us to observe the world differently, deal with uncertainty and become better problem solvers. Which is all part of keeping a healthy and happy mind. Explore these quick, simple and fun art projects to get the creative juices flowing.

Mindfulness Resources
Discover useful and fun wellness based activities, stories, exercises and materials to use in your school or home. We will be releasing these free resources throughout the year, each with a different theme, exclusive Beasties, wellness activities and discussion suggestions.

Our "Dedicated To..." series themes whole resources around particular organisations. If you know of someone who deserved their own resource, get in touch: info@bookofbeasties.com.
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