Useful Videos

A Sensory Story Telling: Deki in Her Choice is Always Hers

Join Deki on her mini-adventure as she sets off to find her true purpose, discovering along the way that no matter how many hats others try to make her wear, she is in charge of the choices she makes as well as the hat she puts on.

Book of Beasties Response to COVID-19

We teamed up with experienced teachers, play experts, physiologists and many more to create educational resources to support those homeschooling and distance learning. Incorporating our immersive world of Book of Beasties, using play, creativity and stories to ensure that education was the adventure it deserves to be. 

Twinkl and Book of Beasties: Live Stream

Book of Beasties previously teamed up with teaching resource developer, Twinkl on a series of live streams for their Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish platforms, to discuss Book of Beasties, and mental wellness in general.

Tabletop Gaming Live Conference Keynote

Our first ever soft launch of Book of Beasties: The Mental Wellness Card Game was in Alexandra Palace in London, at the first ever Tabletop Gaming Live conference in September, where our co-founder Phil was invited to host a seminar with TV's Anna Williamson on addressing mental health in games.

Book of Beasties: Animation

This animation was written and animated by our creators, Phil and Tom for the Book of Beasties Kickstarter crowd funding campaign in 2018. But it is an ideal mini-cartoon to show the children before setting off on your Beastie filled journey, to set the scene and introduce the main characters. (Some names and design style have evolved since we released this video.)

Book of Beasties: Game Setup

Learning a new game can be daunting, especially in an educational environment. The trickiest part of Book of Beasties is the set up - once you understand that everything else is lovely walk in the park, so here you can learn exactly how to set up a game session and see an example turn.

Introduction to the Conversation

Educational psychologist Waveney Patel talks us through the conversational elements of Book of Beasties: The Mental Wellness Card Game and how the Beasties themselves provide an ideal environment for children to discuss their emotions.

Intro to the Guide and Activities

Discover more about the Beastie Guide, the lessons and the wide range of fun, creative and mindful activities that we have build into our wellness card game to make it even more impactful and memorable for the children.