Book of Beasties is a developer of games and educational content for children aged 5+ that supports their mental wellbeing in the way that they know best, with play, stories and above all having fun.

Working with leading organisations from health, social and foster care, government and education to Premier League Football Clubs providing and co-developing general wellbeing and specialist supportive content. Find out about one of our partnerships here.

We partner with a number of academic bodies to put our innovations through their paces and ensure that everything we develop is backed and informed by evidence. And efficacy tested wherever possible.

Our team of designers, globally recognised sustainable wellbeing experts, teachers and researchers all work toward our collective goal of changing attitudes towards improving mental wellbeing.

So together through play, creativity and storytelling we can help provide future generations with a better chance of living a happier and fulfilling life.

Check out our products, resources and services below to see what suits your needs, or get in touch here.
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