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The Beastie Guide and Lesson Plan
We wanted to create a tool that makes it easier for educators to initiate positive conversation with and between students about their thoughts, feelings and fears, as well as the associated behaviours that accompany these.

In this guide we will take you step-by-step through the whole of Book of Beasties from the characters, activities, assessments, lessons and of course the game. We have everything in place to make this resource as easy and effective as possible.

Book of Beasties: The Mental Wellness Card Game can be delivered within a classroom environment, focus groups with your special educational needs coordinators, at home or as a peer-to-peer resource to encourage the open conversation about mental health amongst children and young people.

We have been working on a new leaflet for the next edition of the game with more information about the mental wellness elements of Book of Beasties. You can download a digital version here.
Find out how Book of Beasties began in this short animation.

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