Monday, July 11, 2022
CGL Partners with Book of Beasties on New Children’s Wellbeing Resource

Book of Beasties has teamed up with Change Grow Live, one of the largest voluntary sector organisations in the UK specialising in substance misuse and criminal justice intervention projects in England and Wales on a bespoke Hidden Harm provision.

The collaboration will see the development of a wellbeing resource providing supportive materials for children and young people affected by family members’ substance misuse.

Book of Beasties is known for its unique method of creating and delivering wellbeing provision and supportive exercises via fictional narratives set in fantastical worlds, featuring characters that represent particular topics usually related to mental health and wellbeing.

The characters often act as narrative drivers for children to engage with. With the overarching narrative following therapeutic and educational processes with learning touch points delivered throughout.

A representative of CGL, commented: “Change Grow Live is a leading provider of services that support children and young people impacted by a family member's substance use (sometimes referred to as Hidden Harm support). We are proud to deliver this support across 19 specific services within England.

“Over the last 2 years Change Grow Live and Book of Beasties have worked in partnership to support children via the use of Book of Beasties’ emotional wellbeing game. We are now very excited to be able to progress this partnership and work together to produce bespoke resources to support children and young people dealing with this particular problem, helping them to navigate through what we know can be a challenging and difficult time.

“In the UK there are currently 1/5 young people affected by a parent’s drinking (Nacoa, 2022).

We will work together alongside children and young people to co-produce a collection of evidence-based resources that will support primary aged children to understand family behaviour, to build resilience and to recognise that they are not alone.

“The aim of the resource will be to support children in feeling better understood, help them to identify their strengths and that its ok to look out for themselves.”

Co-Founder and lead developer, Phil Tottman, said: “I am extremely excited to be working on this brilliant resource with CGL.

“Book of Beasties is an advocate of the use of play and storytelling within all education, particularly when it comes to that about our mental health and wellbeing. This is reflected in the work we do within our other provision, and to have our methods further validated by a project such as this makes us all the more determined to keep building out the wellbeing world of the Beasties.

“This Hidden Harm resource addresses such an important topic, which like many issues has worsened since the pandemic. We cannot wait to access the expertise of the Change Grow Live team and create something that is going to have a massive positive impact.”