About Us

Book of Beasties is a developer of games and activities for children aged 5-15, aiming to support their mental wellbeing. Except we do it in the way that they know best, with play, stories and generally having fun.

Our Mission

The Book of Beasties journey started in 2016. With the growing number of children struggling with their mental wellbeing, we wanted to create an accessible and simple way for them to understand emotions. Our mission is to give children and their adults tools that can help them approach difficult conversations, improve relationships, and have fun whilst doing it.

It is simply a playful way to have a happier day.

"I really think Book of Beasties is a revolutionary approach and it will change how young people think about their mental health for the rest of their lives."

Dr Tony Bates, Professor of Psychology

Evidence-Backed Activities

We provide evidence-backed card games, Social Emotional Learning activities, CPD Workshops, Resource Development Services, and visits to schools and other community services to give children an easy and impactful way to talk about their wellbeing.

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The “Make it-Break it-Fix it” Approach

We take a ‘make-it-break-it-fix-it’ approach to our development process, ensuring rigorously tried and tested products and services.

We achieve this by:
- Partnering with 3rd party academic bodies
- Secure endorsement from relevant experts
- Collecting case studies and feedback as often as possible

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Our Partners

We are partnering with experienced and established organisations to ensure that we build a strong foundation for our mental wellbeing resources.

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