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We create fun and simple activities that provide learning opportunities for children related to emotional wellbeing. However, we are equally passionate about making this easy and enjoyable for adults too - those who want to support children and learn with them.

For Parents & Carers

Talking to your children about mental health and wellbeing can be extremely hard. You might not know where to start or how to encourage them to open up. Or maybe you have difficulties addressing your own emotions and are therefore struggling to meet their emotional needs. 

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For Schools & Services

In recent years, we have seen a growing number of children struggling with their mental wellbeing. This in itself is an issue, but we also found that established, well-researched, and proactive resources are lacking, making it even harder for adults to have these conversations with children. 

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Book of Beasties offers CPD approved workshops explaining how to best talk about mental wellbeing with children and use our extensive resources. These workshops can be delivered virtually or in-person and are the perfect opportunity to learn more about how we safely can talk about mental wellbeing with your children.

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