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Lovely Reviews

Sabina Sidhu

“Thank you to the entire team behind the Book of Beasties. I would recommend this programme for other schools.”


"Book of Beasties gives confidence to speak up, talk about your feelings and it’s really fun. It really helped me to talk about my feelings. I really recommend it.”

Ross Morrison McGill
Teacher Toolkit UK

“Great story and fabulous resource.”

Dr Tony Bates
Professor of Psychology

“I really think Book of Beasties is a revolutionary approach and it will change how young people think about their mental health for the rest of their lives.”

Year 5 Pupil

“Thank you so much for your club, as fun as it was, it still helped me with my anger issues. The club gave me thoughts that made me feel better.”

Anna Bowyer
Play Therapist, Ty Hafan Children's Hospice

"I would highly recommend this game to any one working therapeutically with children and young people either to use as a whole intervention plan or as an easy to turn to ad hoc tool. It's a safe way to discuss important aspects of health and wellbeing.”

How To Play

We create a playful approach to good mental wellbeing and social, emotional learning through our card games, digital resource platform, workshops and more.

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The Book of Beasties Mental Wellness Card Game is a scientifically proven resource developed for children between 7 and 12 years of age.

It is used by more than 700 schools, children's services, and holiday camps and has supported over 250,000 children globally with their mental wellbeing.

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