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The Shadow of Tallystick Valley: Supporting Children Experiencing Family Substance Use.

Join Mille and Theo as they tackle a mysterious entity called The Shadow that has taken overTallystick Valley and their friends. The set off on anenlightening journey, exploring the different waystheir friends have been impacted by The Shadow

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The mental health and wellness of your children is something we take very seriously, which is why we project our message of wellness throughout the whole currculum, and encourage the open conversation about mental health at every opportunity.

In the Wellness Super Hero platform you will beable to access loads regularly updated lessons,resources, webinars, as well as our multi-awardwinning Mental Wellness Card Game and guide.

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The Isle of Man One

The crew stops off at a magical little island off the coast of England called the Isle of Man. Akky, who has been turned to stone, is carried off by a group of fairies, and Hallusan goes missing after having his feelings hurt.

Each phase is released weekly and contains a story with related PSHE and Social Emotional Learning worksheets and activities.

The Africa One

Mimic and his brother Mock a drawn together by a mysterious force as they discover their importance to the Beasties, and find out about the Professor's dastardly plan whilst learning to embrace other's differences.

Each phase is released weekly and contains a story with related PSHE and Social Emotional Learning worksheets and activities.

The Story So Far

The stories are an important part of Book of Beasties' Activity Packs as they introduce the characters,activities and topics of discussion. If you are joining us later on in the adventure why not go back to the be-ginning, there is so much to explore.

Remote Wellness Kit

Welcome to Book of Beasties Remote Wellness Kit,where we explore the wonderful wellness world of Book of Beasties.

Our Remote Wellness Kit has been designed byus and curated by teachers, psychologists, andexperts in delivering web-based classes to provideour mental wellness solutions via any videoconferencing or remote learning platform.

Creative & Seasonal
Creative Minds Projects

Being creative helps us to observe the worlddifferently, deal with uncertainty and becomebetter problem solvers. Which is all part of keepinga healthy and happy mind. Explore these quick,simple and fun art projects to get the creativejuices flowing.


Discover useful and fun wellness based
activities, stories, exercises and materials to use in yourschool or home. We will be releasing
these freeresources throughout the year, each with a differenttheme, exclusive Beasties,
wellness activities anddiscussion suggestions.

Our "Dedicated To..." series themes whole resourcesaround particular organisations. If you know ofsomeone who deserved their own resource, get intouch:

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