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Psychologist endorsed, whole school approach mental wellness solutions for 7-13 year olds. Using play, creativity and stories to address wellbeing the way kids know best.
Welcome to our microcosm of mental wellbeing for schools, children's services, holiday camps and home spaces.

Above all, our core focus has always been creating a playful approach to good mental wellbeing. And no matter how we grow or where the journey takes us, that won't change.
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What People Are Saying

"I really think Book of Beasties is a revolutionary approach and it will change how young people think about their mental health for the rest of their lives."

-Dr Tony Bates, Professor of Psychology
"Thank you to the entire team behind the Book of Beasties. I would recommend this programme for other schools"

-Sabina Sidhu - SENCO
"Book of Beasties is sorely needed for our children if they are to stand a chance of being emotionally functional, happy adults."

-Mae Harris, Year 3 Teacher
"I really hoped that the study would help to improve his ‘emotional intelligence’ and understanding of others. My husband and I were not prepared for the dramatic transformation we saw in our son."

-Parent, Year 6
"It was an awesome experience like the best card game EVER!!!!! The best parts were the activities such as boat racing and flying balloons"

-Krists - 11
Meet the Beasties. These friendly, if not slightly strange creatures all represent different emotions and feelings that we can relate to, talk about and look at ways in which we can help through discussion and fun activities.
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