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Summer Creativity Ideas
How Happy Heads Card Game Can Spark Summer Holiday Creativity: Fostering Meaningful Conversations and Promoting Wellbeing
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Tips and Tricks
5 Fun Ways to Boost Mental Wellbeing in Kids
Dive in and discover how families can benefit from playing The Happy Heads Card Game while nurturing their children's emotional intelligence and overall mental health.
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Tips and Tricks
Case Study: Book of Beasties in Primary Schools
Discover data, feedback and reports gathered by the Pastoral Lead of a Primary School on the Isle of Man, showing the impact of Book of Beasties' suite of resources, including The Mental Wellness Card Game, SEL Platform and The Happy Heads Card Game.
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Case Study
The Happy Heads Card Game Giveaway
Introduce engaging conversations and emotional wellbeing into your home: Join Book of Beasties' Happy Heads Card Game Giveaway
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Games and Activities
What's On 4 Kids becomes a Happy Heads Launch Partner
Book of Beasties recruits What's On 4 Kids as launch partner of the Happy Heads Card Game together donating a percentage of sales to support disabled and autistic children
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The Art of Storytelling
Five reasons storytelling is crucial to a child's development.
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