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Nooton's Lesson: Phase 3

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Nooton loves a good chat, but finds it hard to stay focused, regularly zoning out and floating off. This PSHE lesson looks at the importance of keeping our heads focused on any task at hand and exercising the mind with a fun balloon game. Alongside this you will find the following lessons:

- PSHE Lesson: Focus  
Literacy: Letter writing
- Mathematics: Geometry
- Science: Programming 
- Scale: The Universe
- Art

Free Resources Just For You

Learning Kit: Nature

Welcome to the Book of Beasties' first home Learning Kit all themed around Nature, meet and help some brand new nature themed characters, as well as explore loads of wellness and mindfulness activities.

We have developed a number of complimentary curriculum based literacy, mathemematics, Science, Art, P.E and PSHE lesson plans created by fully qualified U.K teachers and the Book of Beasties team especially for you to explore at home or in the classroom. We also teamed up with author and horticultural expert Tom Hart Dyke from Lullingstone Castle.

Mindfulness Resources

Here you can download useful and fun wellness based activities, stories, exercises and materials to use in your school or home. We will be releasing these free resources throughout the year, each with a different theme, exclusive Beasties, wellness activities and discussion suggestions.

Our "Dedicated To..." series themes whole resources around particular organisations. If you know of someone who deserved their own resource, get in touch: info@bookofbeasties.com.

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