Tuesday, September 5, 2023
A New Frontier for Children's Mental Wellbeing

Board game retailer, Hoyles of Oxford becomes first in the world to stock Book of Beasties' Happy Heads Card Game.

The First Leap into Retail with Hoyles of Oxford

It's an exciting time for Book of Beasties, the award-winning creator of mental wellbeing resources for children. This September marks a pivotal moment as we extend our reach from schools, children's services, and digital platforms into the physical retail space. Our partnership with Hoyles of Oxford, a historic games and educational retailer, sets the stage for a transformative journey in delivering emotional and mental wellbeing support into the mainstream.

Who We Are

Founded in 2018, Book of Beasties has become an influential force in the growing children's mental wellbeing sector. Our Happy Heads Card Game, designed to encourage meaningful conversations about wellbeing and emotions among families, has been a cornerstone offering. With sales surging year-on-year, without a dedicated marketing budget or sales team, Book of Beasties has touched the lives of over 280,000 children across more than 1,300 schools and services. Moreover, our digital content has surpassed 100,000 downloads globally since March 2020.

Our Game-Changing Partnership

The genesis of our relationship with Hoyles of Oxford is a heartfelt story of mutual respect for the importance of children's emotional wellbeing. During a gameplay session, it became clear that our Happy Heads Card Game aligns perfectly with Hoyles' ethos of providing quality educational products. This common ground made it obvious that we should collaborate to bring Happy Heads into their store.

Why This Matters

This expansion into retail is no small feat. It symbolises Book of Beasties' ambition to bring playful wellbeing support into the mainstream, uniting entertainment, education, and emotional support into one cohesive experience. It addresses the challenges we have faced in convincing retailers of the untapped potential in the children's mental wellbeing sector, a realm we are pioneering beyond the limited scope of self-help books and apps.

A parent testimonial encapsulates the impact of our game:

"I have been playing Happy Heads with my daughter, and it has been great to get her to talk about her emotions and feelings. A lot of what is in the game is exactly what we needed to open discussions with her."

The Road Ahead

The immediate roadmap is crystal clear: broaden our retail footprint starting with Hoyles of Oxford and gradually move into larger high-street and online retailers. In line with the upcoming holiday season, we're actively reaching out to other retailers to feature Happy Heads, making it a go-to item on many families' Christmas wish lists.

This retail venture seamlessly dovetails with our long-term vision: to raise a generation of happier, emotionally literate children. Book of Beasties aims to mainstream wellbeing through playful creativity, one game at a time.

Join the Wellbeing Game Movement

With a Hoyles of Oxford taking the leap with Book of Beasties, and our parent community's glowing endorsements, we are on the cusp of something transformative. We invite you to be a part of this exciting chapter as Book of Beasties sets out to change the narrative around children's emotional wellbeing.

We're more than just a game; we're a movement. And it's only just beginning.

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