Monday, October 26, 2020
Book of Beasties awarded Good Toy Guide Approval

Book of Beasties’ Mental Wellness Card Game has been awarded a much sought after accolade from Dr Amanda Gummer’s Good Toy Guide expert testers, to become as brand new mental wellness addition on the industry leading platform.  

Following weeks of intense scrutiny from testers, which included adults and children, the multi-award winning resource was deemed to be “a great way to encourage children to talk about their mental wellbeing and express their own feelings.” 

Dr Gummer, founder of the Good Play Guide, formerly Fundamentally Children, is the UK’s leading expert on all things toys, play and child development. She previously ran a research consultancy called FUNdamentals before combining this with the Good Toy Guide and the Good App Guide to create Fundamentally Children.

Good Toy Game Stamp of Approval

This stamp of approval for Book of Beasties firstly solidifies The Mental Wellness Card Game as an impactful resource for parents and schools to promote a positive culture around wellbeing with their children. But secondly highlights the validity of the use of games, toys and play in mental health education.  

Book of Beasties is an advocate of the use of play for children’s education due to its overall impact to child development, and to be recognised as a beneficial and recommended tool by such a reputable platform in the play space, further justifies this focus. 

CEO and co-founder of Book of Beasties, said: “This is such a considerable achievement for our team and for playful mental health education as a whole. As it displays that this method of learning CAN be and IS impactful and greatly needed by the children that need it most.” 

The review stated: ”Our testers found that the game got children talking and sharing their emotions and it also particularly helped one of the children with autism to work on his anxieties." (…)

You can read the full review here: