Wednesday, December 2, 2020
Book of Beasties Christmas Video: Bubbles of Brave

Move aside John Lewis, The Book of Beasties Christmas video is here!! πŸŽ„πŸŽ„πŸŽ„


2020 has been a tough year for all and at times it may have seemed like we were stuck in our own bubble, far away from anyone else.

But those that care for us are right there, in their bubbles ready to share their brave.

So join us on our little adventure, where we take to the sky to make this Christmas time the bubbliest and bravest there ever was.


Voiced by the incredible Mark Bell, director of the London West End, and Broadway smash hit, The Play That Goes Wrong.



Bubbles of Brave



It’s been a strange year for old and young

We’ve all had to be a little brave

The things and people we love the most

Are right there but so far away

Everything we knew was turned upside down

And everyone was in a bit of trouble

If we wanted to help or needed it

We were stuck in our own little bubble


The memories don’t fade, but time doesn’t slow

And it can feel like a lonely world

When our best friend’s a screen, and our playgrounds inside

What a time to be a boy or girl

There are things we expect to never not be there

Like a hug, a smile or a treat

But when our bubble is big enough for just one

Our favourite things take a backseat


Even the things that should bring us joy

Feel like dragging our feet through the mud

We should give ourselves a little break

And never give in to the flood

Of course it can seem like an impossible job

Especially with a bubble so small

But try to remember the good things in life

Should not be a job at all


Let yourself be happy and the joy flow free

Share it around to be endless

Others will share their own joy with you

The good in the world leaves us breathless

Decorate a tree and give a gift

But remember to care for you

The world can wait if you’re not ready

Never do what you don’t want to do


Speaking out loud is a hard thing

It can be good though so you can try

We’re all little bubbles of oh so brave,

That with will and happy thoughts can fly

There can be a lot in such a little box

And it can be so much more than what we see

A story, adventure and a whole new world

It’s your very own Book of Beasties


Our bubbles can grow to give us space

Or share it with a friend

If we so choose then give it puff

And huff and a puff again

It’s good to share and to give

And of course so nice to receive

The magic of this time of year

Is there if you just believe


So take to the sky and breath in deep

Our bubble will keep us safe

It’s full of brave (and that is you)

Be proud and give us a wave

This world is so big and our hearts are too

When we move through it together

Through the good and also the bad

Which you know won’t last forever


The ones we love are always there

In our hearts and minds

Where we treasure them and keep them well

Being good, loving and kind

We can always count on those that matter

And who listen as you share

Your bubble, some tea and cookies of course

It’s good to know they care


These times are tough but so are you

You’ve got a Beasties’ heart and soul

Which is one of strength and of love

And of purest gold

There is a whole universe inside you

Where play is king and christmas is saved

Where you welcome those you love the most

In your own little bubble of brave

Written by: Phil Tottman

Illustrated by: Tom Dryland

Designer: Nadia De Kuyper

Voiced by: Mark Bell

Music by: