Monday, February 8, 2021
Free Workshop: Adults Need Play Too!

Experience the power of play as we connect with our youthful selves and one another with founder of Platform to Play, Jess Amato.

We are excited to announce that Book of Beasties will be hosting a one off workshop run by Jess Amato, all the way from Arizona, USA.

Jess is the found of an incredible organisation called Platform to Play, which provides professional development, educational training, program development, and recreational therapy to government, non-profit, and for-profit organisations.

Parents and school professionals are essential to a child's success in their education and lives. Join us virtually to experience the power of play as we connect with our youthful selves and one another.

Everyone deserves a platform to play to learn, connect, and balance out their health and well-being.

Together we will acknowledge the dynamic roles we play in our children's and student's lives; while building awareness and strategies for purposefully engaging.

Presented by: Jess Amato, CTRS, Founder of Platform to Play.

You can book your place on this super exclusive, first ever in the UK workshop here.

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