Monday, December 5, 2022
In Search of The Happier Child

We’ve had many conversations this year with teachers about the impact of Covid times on school children. And this means we’ve also had many, many conversations about mental wellbeing, the impact of the pandemic on children’s mental health - and the extra responsibilities that teachers, and anyone who works with children and young people, are taking on.

What can we do to help?

This is a familiar topic of conversation at Beasties HQ, among the chat about Beasties, portals, and lesson plans… and in the middle of what feels like a childhood mental health epidemic sweeping across the UK.

Book of Beasties is not the solution, but we believe it is part of the solution to address a crisis that shows no signs of abating. Many adults are aware of the conversational slogans around mental wellbeing: that it is good to talk, that we are not alone…. And that help is at hand.

But young children don’t know these phrases any more than they know about mental wellbeing. 

At Book of Beasties, we are committed to helping raise awareness about the difficulties for children experiencing poor mental health. We know that conversations about this tricky subject really help, when it is the child experiencing such feelings as panic or anxiety, or even just feeling out of sorts, but unable to articulate why this might be.

And for children who are living with a family member who is experiencing poor mental wellbeing, these conversations are a really important part of managing what is an incredibly stressful situation.

When Book of Beasties is used in schools, the resources can be part of whole-class learning, or the game itself can be used with smaller groups of children. In both settings, conversations about mental wellness are both encouraged and happen naturally. There are plenty of prompts to further conversation in a relaxed way and the format allows for as many pauses as the teacher needs, in order for discussions to run their course.

Every school we work with has benefited hugely from the webinars and training support we provide as a companion to Book of Beasties' resources. We’ve had such positive outcomes from schools this year who are benefiting from using our Beasties that we’ve opened up our world of workshops completely free to additional schools (or anyone that wants to join).

As part of the Happier Child Campaign we are encouraging schools across the UK to sign up to our webinars and workshops, not only to learn about the Beasties and how easy they make it for adults to have difficult conversations with children around the tricky subject of mental wellbeing. But to take away some practical tips about how to get these conversations started and to spot the signs that certain children may be in immediate need of support. 

There is no obligation to sign up to the game and its accompanying learning resources. But if you do there is a world of supportive games, resources and activities, support from the BoB team and stickers to give to the children to shout about being a Champion or Super Hero of Happier Children.

We believe so strongly in the evidence-based outcomes of our approach that we want as many schools as possible to  be prepared and ready for these conversations. Every month, we can see more children need a safe space to have these conversations so we want every teacher that feels they need tools to do this to have access to our resources and our support network.

And where better for these conversations to take place than in school, a place of safety and trust.

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