Thursday, October 18, 2018
Meet the Experts: The Yoga

We've teamed up with the amazing Robyn's Yoga.

She has not only written a fantastic piece for our Beastie Guide, despite anxieties surrounding her dyslexia, but  will also be advising us going forward on the yoga used in Book of Beasties.

"In the past this would have been something I would have shied away from as I struggle with writing due to being Dyslexic. But over the years I have come to learn that what I have to say is worth reading about, and there are plenty of people in my life who will help me get my words onto paper." Robyn Said.

"This doesn’t mean I’m stupid or incapable. I just need support, the same way anyone else with a disability would seek help if needed."

Yoga plays a major role in the game and the Beasties programme as a whole, plus it is a great tool to use to improve our mental and psychical wellbeing.

We cannot wait to work with her more in the future.

Robyn runs affordable and accessible yoga classes in and around Bath. With classes  designed to help build strength and flexibility through a flowing sequence of movement.

As well as improved general well-being using breathing an meditation techniques.

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