Tuesday, January 26, 2021
Our Pledge to Support Children's Mental Health

Children’s Mental Health Startup pledges to provide all UK schools with free remote learning Mental Wellness Support.

Children’s mental wellness game developer, Book of Beasties has committed to providing all schools in the UK with free remote learning mental health support, to help children through the current crisis.

The London-based startup, creator of a multi-award winning mental wellness card game is aiming to reach over 6 million primary aged children by donating its remote wellness kit and access to accompanying CPD training to the 20,000 plus primary schools in the UK.

This new incentive is part of the Playful Minds campaign, which is calling on the Government to increase funding for playful mental health provision for schools and parents, and will launch in time for Children’s Mental Health Week on 1st February.

There is a growing mental health crisis among children. The social distancing measures and tier 4 restrictions have put children under immense amounts of pressure, which is taking its toll on their mental wellbeing. A recent modelling showed that as many as 1.5 million children will either new or additional mental health support as a direct consequence of the crisis.

With these restrictions continuing into the New Year and beyond, we are facing a mental health crisis that could last for years to come.

Book of Beasties has said it is focused on improving the wellbeing of children with its unique spin on the Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) education curriculum. Using story driven games, play and creativity to raise emotional literacy, teach empathy and encourage open conversation about mental health.

Following the successful launch of a new platform to provide teachers and parents with easier access to digital mindfulness and mental wellness learning materials, Book of Beasties partnered with Great Ormond Street Children’s Charity to help support the hospital’s play team.

Phil Tottman, CEO and co-founder of Book of Beasties said: “With this incentive we hope to highlight the dire need for better mental health support in schools and put pressure on those who can make a difference to do so.

“We are a small company, but our primary focus is to improve the wellbeing of children nationwide, especially following such an adverse year. If that means giving away our resources so people can benefit from them then so be it. We couldn’t be more honoured to be helping in such a way.”

Notes to editors:

About Book of Beasties

A multi-award winning, psychologist endorsed and university accredited mental wellness card game that aspires to raise emotional literacy, teach resilience, empathy and encourages the open conversation about mental health and wellness.

An easy to learn card game for up to five or six players, in which they must help as many Beasties as possible. Each character represents a manifestation of anxiety, depression and corresponding features.

In order to help them players must use certain Items or Actions that translate or directly refer to wellness exercises, activities and topics of discussion including posture and exercise, healthy eating, deep breathing, yoga, origami, creative tasks and much more.

About Playful Minds

Playful Minds is a new campaign lead by Book of Beasties and managed by Alan O’Kelly calling on our Government to increase funding for children’s mental health education.

More importantly, we are asking for the Government to adopt a more parent- centric approach whereby parents, children and teachers work together to address mental health.

We want to equip parents with the necessary tools to have richer and targeted conversations with their children. Play is the platform through which these discussions can be tackled in a relaxed context allowing for ease of conversation. An improved mental health provision will lead to better life chances for children; at the same time, enhance academic performance, leading to fewer exclusions and saving the state millions.