Monday, November 16, 2020
Prepare for Playful Minds

Playful Minds is a new campaign calling on our government to increase funding for children’s mental health education. More importantly we are calling for our government to adopt a more parent centric approach whereby parents, children and teachers work together to address mental health. 

On 20th November we are hosting the first Talk and Play day, where we will encourage parents and children to host a board game night and use this opportunity to talk about their mental health.  

An Oxford study from June this year found that parents/carers of children aged 4-10 years of age reported seeing increases in their child’s emotional difficulties during the one-month period in lockdown. During  the current pandemic we are asking  for parents and children across the country to spend time together, play a game and discuss their wellbeing.

Our campaign message is simple. To create a specific strategy to support parents and children in having conversations about mental health. Teachers have a key role also, but we need to do more. We want to equip parents with the necessary tools to have richer and more substantial conversations with their children; arguably, play forms a key part of that due to its numerous benefits.

Phil Tottman, a representative of Playful Minds said: “During the current crisis we felt we needed to do something different to draw attention to this issue. Of course the Government has been working to tackle the devastation caused by COVID-19 but we now need to address mental health and create a new triangle of learning between parents, teachers and our children.

“We believe it is vital that we start to create support for parents as it would not only enhance the promotion of positive mental health among children, but it would also contribute to an improved relationship between parents and children. Research has demonstrated that the quality of the parent–child relationship is one of the factors in determining outcomes in mental health and well being issues. I would be delighted to discuss further.”

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