Thursday, August 19, 2021
Supporting Mental Wellbeing into the New Term – A Book of Beasties Forum

Come together with ELSAs, Teachers, SENCOs and other educators as we take a look at the children’s mental health landscape leading into the Autumn term, in this free virtual event.


Hear from Trixie Harrison, a Specialist Autism Consultant. Trixie will be sharing her insights into how to effectively support children’s mental health given the current restriction climate alongside her thoughts, plans and ideas about how you can create a happy school environment not just for the pupils but for your colleagues as well.

Trixie will be joined by Emily Edwards, Forest School Practitioner (and mother to ‘a young Autistic & ADHD person’). Emily will be sharing her professional and personal experiences on how forest school initiatives can have a positive impact on mental-wellbeing alongside how the impact of the pandemic on adults is having a knock on effect on our pupils.


Also, discover new wellbeing resources and hear from the team behind Book of Beasties award winning Mental Wellness Card Game including complimentary resources that will support you in getting started on your Mental Wellness journey this term.

‘Supporting Mental Wellbeing into the New Term – A Book of Beasties Forum’ is hosted by Book of Beasties & Playful Minds (a new campaign calling on our Government to create a set, funded strategy to support children’s mental health at school and home).