Monday, February 20, 2023
The Met Police Discuss Partnership with Book of Beasties

Book of Beasties co-founder, Phil spent a February morning at Wandsworth Police Station with the Safer Schools and Youth Engagement team, to begin discussions on a partnership between the Metropolitan Police and Book of Beasties.

The partnership would see the support and provision of mental wellbeing resources to schools across Wandsworth and beyond. And would ease the strain on teachers to source and deliver such resources as well as give children access to materials proven to have a positive impact on mental wellbeing.

Schools and services remain under significant pressure to provide wellbeing support to their pupils as cases of mental ill-health rise along with referral rates, yet budgets remain restricted.

Of the partnership, Phil commented: "To partner with the Met Police is a huge opportunity that would allow us to reach so many more children with our games and resources, which have recently been proven to improve the bond between adult and child.

Book of Beasties working in schools in the Isle of Man

"Safer Schools and Youth Engagement team at Wandsworth are an incredible group of people that do amazing work, so to have them engage with our Mental Wellness Card Game was a real pleasure."

Beyond the Safe Schools programme Book of Beasties' new game 'The Home Edition' of its Mental Wellness Card Game was introduced to support Police families. With Police Officers working long and unsociable hours spent away from their families, it is important that they are given the support they need to stay connected with their children.

The Home Edition

Phil continued: "As the child of a Police Officer I saw how difficult it was for them to find the time to spend at home, in between working nights and extremely long days. A platform to have meaningful conversations from would have been so welcomed."

PC Craig Baker, who is pioneering the partnership concluded: “As a Safer Schools and Youth Engagement Team, this mental wellbeing card game is something that we connected with instantly. The way that such a simple yet effective game can begin a conversation about such an important topic in young people is brilliant.

"Phil and the rest of the team have created such a revolutionary way of expression. We are excited about the future of sharing this to the schools and spreading the word of the Book of Beasties.”