Thursday, April 20, 2023
The Power of Poetry As a Series of Haikus

It's International Haiku Poetry Day, so here are some thoughts on the power of poetry, as a series of Haikus...

Soft rustle of leaves,

Words flow like a gentle breeze,

Poetry for kids.

Haikus bring calmness,

Peaceful moments to embrace,

Breath of fresh air.

Poetry helps kids

Explore emotions and thoughts,

Find their inner voice.

With each verse they write,

Their creativity ignites,

Unleashing their might.

Poetry is fun,

Kids can play with words and puns,

Creating their own.

Haikus teach restraint,

Simplicity is the aim,

In three lines, a frame.

Through poetry, kids

Learn language and its nuances,

A skill that will last.

So let's encourage

Kids to write, read and recite,

Poetry's delights.