Tuesday, November 24, 2020
The State of Play: Learning to Express Ourselves

Book of Beasties was interviewed by Firminech, one of the world’s oldest fragrance manufactures, about the connection between play, wellbeing and scent.

Swiss company Firminech has been creating fragrances and flavours for some of the most recognisable brands in history, since 1895.  

During this time they recognised the potential impact that scent has on people’s wellbeing and has since began doing extensive research into this topic.

Recently Firminech representatives from Paris and New York spoke with our co-founder, Phil about Book of Beasties, how we use play to address serious topics such as mental health and together discussed how an olfactive mental wellness resource could look for children. 

Firminech said: “At Firmenich, we believe mental wellness is essential, allowing us to make the most of our potential in life and play a full part in our family, workplace, and community.  

“We are designing fragrances to create positive emotions, to enhance well-being naturally and it is part of our RE|GENERATION manifesto to capture new imaginations.” 

You can read more and watch the full interview with Book of Beasties in the link below.