Tuesday, March 28, 2023
What in the world is BoB?

Book of Beasties creates unique self-help tools in the forms of games, learning kits, lesson plans, activities and stories all designed to help children aged 5-15 understand and manage their emotions.

All we create is designed alongside mental health professionals and educators and is loosely based on principles recognised within Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Play Therapy. We use fictional characters known as "Beasties" to help children identify and understand their emotions and learn practical strategies to manage them.

These materials are designed to be used anywhere with children, from school to home, by professional services to carers to friends. We are all about bringing the topic of mental wellbeing into the light.

Here are some of the benefits of the Book of Beasties:

Helps Children Understand Emotions

  1. Book of Beasties is designed to help children understand emotions and how they can affect them. Introducing the concept of "Beasties," makes it easier for children to talk about their emotions and identify which Beasties they relate the most to. This understanding can help children to manage their emotions better, cope with difficult situations and discover self supportive exercises and techniques.

Encourages Emotional Intelligence

  1. Emotional intelligence is the ability to recognise and manage one's own emotions, as well as the emotions of others. Book of Beasties encourages emotional intelligence by teaching children how to recognise and manage theirs in a healthy, positive and collaborative way. This skill is essential for building resilience, developing positive relationships, and achieving success and happiness in life.

Teaches Coping Strategies

  1. Book of Beasties teaches children practical coping strategies to help them manage their emotions. These strategies include deep breathing, relaxation techniques, positive self-talk, and problem-solving. By learning these strategies, children can develop healthy habits that will help them manage stress and cope with difficult situations throughout their lives.

Promotes Mental Wellbeing

  1. Book of Beasties is a valuable part of any wellbeing toolbox, for promoting mental wellbeing in children and young people. Our resources have been proven to increase emotional literacy and improve the bond between adult and child.

Enhances Communication Skills

  1. Book of Beasties encourages children to talk about their emotions, which can enhance their communication skills. By learning how to express their feelings, children can improve their relationships with others, including parents, teachers, and peers. This skill is essential for building strong and positive relationships throughout their lives.

To find out more visit the about us page and have a good rummage around our website.