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The mental health and wellness of your children is something we take very seriously, which is why we project our message of wellness throughout the whole currculum, and encourage the open conversation about mental health at every opportunity.

In the Wellness Super Hero platform you will be able to access loads regularly updated lessons, resources, webinars, as well as our multi-award winning Mental Wellness Card Game and guide.

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(NEW) Remote Wellness Kit

Remote Learning Wellness Kit

Welcome to Book of Beasties Remote Wellness Kit, where we explore the wonderful wellness world of Book of Beasties.

Our Remote Wellness Kit has been designed by us and curated by teachers, psychologists, and experts in delivering web-based classes to provide our mental wellness solutions via any video conferencing or remote learning platform.

Latest PSHE Kit
Learning Kit: Nature Nurture

Gone Gagatek Part 2

Gagatek has gone missing in a deep, dark forest. Upon finding out the real reason the Beasties are in our world, Oscar, Abigail and Mimic set off to find their tree-like pal. They discover new Beasties along the way who teach them all about the importance of sleep, staying calm and recognising our self worth.

Each phase is released weekly and contains a story with related PSHE worksheets and activities.

Learning Kit: Happy Habitats

Hypnor's Habitat Hullabaloo: Part 3

Join Hypnor on her journey of self discovery. Travel with her through scorching deserts, perilous jungles and active volcanoes in search of her very own habitat. All the whilst exploring the importance of hydration, mapping our emotions and tracking our triggers and creating our very own rainstick.

Each phase is released weekly and contains a story with related PSHE worksheets and activities.


Learning Kit: Climate Vibes

Join us on an adventure to the South Pole as we meet brand new Beasties and learn all about climate change.

We explore the ethics of travel, recycling and cow farts, look at stats & graphs, the greenhouse effect, discover the positive changes that we can make to improve the world's climate and our inner climate as well as why eco-anxiety is a growing concern.

Created in collaboration with one the UK's leading youth climate activists from the UK Student Climate Network and one of the Evening Standards most influential people in London, Noga Levy-Rapoport.

Learning Kit: Stargaze

Space, it’s not so much the final frontier as it is one of the many frontiers that we use to separate us from reality as well as reconnect us to it, or remind us of the importance of our minute existence whilst at the same time humbling us within an ocean of awe and wonder.

The universe is where imagination begins, containing the unknown, unseen and unheard potentially forever, which makes it in equal parts the most terrifying and intriguing subject any self aware being could comprehend.

Please enjoy this Learning Kit in which you will be able to explore the wonderful world of the Beasties, discover and help brand new celestial characters, activities, stories and join us on an intergalactic journey. 

Learning Kit: Toys and Play

For this Learning Kit we have teamed up with Yesim Kunter, play expert, toy designer, futurist and founder of Play to Innovate. Yesim has worked with the likes of Hasbro, Lego and Toys “R” Us and brings her wealth of knowledge about the benefits of play to the new kit.

Our brilliant team of teachers and the BoB team have developed a brand new series of English Literacy, Practical Science, Art, History, Spanish and Mathematics all themed around the mental health benefits of toys and play.

Mindfulness Resources

Here you can download useful and fun wellness based activities, stories, exercises and materials to use in your school or home. We will be releasing these free resources throughout the year, each with a different theme, exclusive Beasties, wellness activities and discussion suggestions.

Our "Dedicated To..." series themes whole resources around particular organisations. If you know of someone who deserved their own resource, get in touch: info@bookofbeasties.com.